It’s coming….

Yes it’s that time of year when we all start to panic about the impending seasonal activities that are creeping up all too swiftly. Well I am at least. So this is a bit of a fly by post.

Last year I designed some Seasonal Fererro Rocher cosies and released the pudding pattern as a Kids Company Fundraising pattern. Finally I’ve now written up and photographed the two other designs for a snowman and santa. So here are all three:

3 cosies

The PDF can be downloaded here: Seasonal Ferrero Rocher Cosies and Tree Decorations

This pattern part of  my series of fundraising patterns for Kids Company. These patterns have been designed for local fundraising and I’m happy for them to be used for your own charitable and personal use but please, not for personal profit or commercial use.

I would also ask that you consider making a small donation to Kids Company for the use of this pattern through my Just Giving page. This way the money goes directly to Kids Company to help fund their incredibly important and inspiring work with disadvantaged children and young people. At this time of year it seems even more important to support children and young people to feel loved and cared for.

The patterns uses leftovers of double knit yarn and are knitted  flat on two needles.




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